Why is my system difficult to reel up?

This does happen occasionally, but can be easily rectified by ensuring you do the following:
  • Apply waterproof grease inside the black bushings. It isn’t necessary to use a high end lubricant, Vaseline works well. The lubrication will keep the system rolling smoothly. We recommend that you reapply the lubricant at least once a year to ensure ease of use.
  • Check to see if the bolts securing the handle and white knob have been over tightened. Over tightening will cause too much friction and make turning the handle difficult. Just ease the pressure off the white knob and this should help.
  • Check to see that you are using a suitable solar blanket. We recommend a 12mm solar blanket, using anything heavier is unnecessary and may become waterlogged causing the blanket to roll unevenly. Our reel systems are designed to function at their best with a 12mm solar blanket.
Lastly, you may want to check the tube guide table to make sure that you have the correct Rocky’s for the your pool size. If you are still having difficulty please call us at 1-800-663-8705. We’re here to help get you in your pool faster.