Installation & Maintenance

Regular Shaped Inground Pools

Installing a Rocky’s system is quick and easy. Please see our instructional videos for a step by step installation guide for regular shaped pools.


Step 1

Open cover over the regular shaped pool and set into position. Ensure that the end of the cover (where it attaches to the roller) is square to the roller.

If the cover has seams, then the seams should be parallel to the roller. (This may not be possible with some types of covers.)

When cutting the cover, allow a 1 1/2″ wide border around the pool edge to compensate for shrinkage.


Step 2

Attach the cut cover to the roller with the blue straps (See grommet detail). Ensure length of strap allows cover to lay flat on pool, to prevent wind from getting under cover.

Instructional Videos

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Instructional Video

  • I bought a plastic unit and it fell apart in two seasons, so I upgraded to a Rocky’s for a few dollars more and its lasted for eight seasons and still looks great.

    Lawrence C.California