Rocky’s Reel Systems

Parts & Accessories

Rocky’s Part Department offers a complete list of replacement parts and accessories for all our systems. So its easy for owners to upgrade or replace parts, without having to purchase a new unit.

Please contact your local retailer or distributor to order Rocky’s parts.
Part # Description Image
501 12 Self Tap Drill Screws View
503 Thick 3/8″ Washer View
505 5/16”X1” SS Bolt/Washer View
507 3/8”X1″ SS Bolt/Washer/Nut View
509 3/8”X1-1/2″ SS Bolt/Washer/Nut View
511 6 Inch Anchor Bolts View
513 8 Inch Anchor Bolts View
515 Drop in Anchors View
517 3” Springs and Retainers View
518 6 Inch Anchor Bolt Complete Set View
519 AT-1 Tube Hardware Bag View
520 8 Inch Anchor Bolt Complete Set View
521 AT-2 Tube Parts Kit View
522 Commercial Hardware Bag View
523 3/8” Acorn Nut View
524 5” Springs and Retainers View
525 3/8” Nut/Washer View
526 4” Adjustable Tube Hardware Bag View
529 Senior Base View
530 3 Frame View
530CC 3 Frame Clear Coat View
531 4 Frame View
531CC 4 Frame Clear Coat View
532 High Riser Frame View
533 White Knob View
533CC Clear Coat Knob View
535 3rd Leg View
537 3rd Leg with Wheel View
538 High Riser Retainer View
539 4 Inch Hub View
543 3 Inch Hub View
543CC 3 Inch Hub Clear Coat View
545 Small Handle View
545CC Small Handle Clear Coat View
547 Large Handle View
549 Grommet Pack (12) View
553 Grommet Pack (50) View
554  Grommet Pack (100) View
555 Plastic Washer and Bushing Set View
563 3/3A Hardware Bag View
565 4/4A Hardware Bag View
571 5/5A Hardware Bag View
573 Junior Hardware Bag View
575 Senior Hardware Bag View
577 Universal Strap Kit View
579 Two 2 Inch Wheels View
581  Two 4 Inch Wheels View
582   3rd Leg Wheel Bag View
583  2 Inch Wheel Bag View
584  High Riser Wheel Bag View
585 4 Inch Wheel Bag View
586 3rd Leg Replacement Wheel View
587 22 Foot Vinyl Strapping View
589 36 Foot Vinyl Strapping View
591 150 Foot Vinyl Strapping View
593 18 Inch Velcro View

Interested in replacement parts for your Rocky’s Eazy Roller system? We provide a variety of solar cover reel parts and kits to ensure that you won’t have to purchase a new unit.

To view a complete list of our pool cover reel parts, refer to the diagrams above.

If you would like to order Rocky’s parts we invite you to contact your local retailer or distributor today.

  • I’ve been installing pools for over 20 years and the only solar cover reel system I will recommend is a Rocky’s.

    Bill G.New Jersey