Why does my cover crease when I reel it in?

Creasing happens for a couple of reasons, the first being when the system is not set squarely to the pool causing the solar cover to pull more on one side than the other. This will cause the roll-in/roll-out of the cover to bunch and crease. To remedy this simply reset the reel system square to the pool. The other common reason for creasing is when the strapping is inconsistent and some straps are tighter than others. The uneven tension of the strapping results in creasing. To remedy this, take the straps off of the tube and refasten them so that each is the same length and placed at regular intervals. We suggest placing one strap every 3 feet. You may find it helpful to refer to our Grommet Details Assembly Video which has a section on strapping: If your cover is still creasing after you have tried our suggestions listed above please call us at 1-800-663-8705 and we’ll try and trouble shoot over the phone.