Installation & Maintenance

Instructional Videos

Installing a Rocky’s Reel System is quick and easy. Please see our instructional videos for step by step installation guides for your specific system.

Reel Operation On Kidney Pool

Installing Rocky’s 3″ Motor Kit

Rocky’s 3″ Motor Kit Overview

Programming Rocky’s Remote

Winterizing Rocky’s 3″ Motor Kit

#3 Portable Assembly

#3A Portable Assembly

#4 Permanent Assembly

#4A Permanent Assembly

#5 Portable Assembly

#5A Portable Assembly

#3A Portable Clear Coat Pool Side Assembly

High Rise Residential Assembly

Permanent Reel Mounting Options

4A Permanent Above Ground Pool Installation

Junior Assembly

Senior Assembly

High Riser Commercial Assembly

Pool Side AT-1 Tube Assembly

AT-1 Tube Assembly

Commercial Tube Assembly

AT-2 Tube Assembly

Cutting Down An AT-1 Tube For Use On Smaller Pools

4A Permanent Pool Side Above Ground Installation.

How To Anchor A Rocky’s Reel System

How To Attach A Solar Cover

Concrete Anchor Installation

Grommet Detail and Installation

How To Anchor On Paving Stones

How To Attach A Solar Cover Using Velcro

How To Add Or Replace A Handle

How To Upgrade To Rocky’s Bolt On Wheels

Make A Custom Bracket

Cutting A Tube To Fit A Swim Spa

Using A Kidney Shaped Cover

Above Ground Pool Solar Cover Attachment

Using A Roman Shaped Cover

Using A Rocky’s Reel With a Round Pool

Using An Oval Shaped Cover

Grommet Tips and Tricks

DIY Rope Pulls

4A Permanent Above Ground Pool Installation

Remember: Not all pools are the same. If you have a question about your specific pool feel free to contact us and we can help you find the best match for your pool.

  • I bought a plastic unit and it fell apart in two seasons, so I upgraded to a Rocky’s for a few dollars more and its lasted for eight seasons and still looks great.

    Lawrence C.California