Commercial Tubing

4″ Commercial Tubing

Product Overview

Rocky’s heavy duty, 4″ Commercial Tubing is designed to work with all of Rocky’s Commercial Systems. Our Commercial Tubing is also designed to work with the #3, #4 and #5 Residential Systems, providing additional rigidity for pool owners that want to make sure their reel system never sags or for those that are using a thicker than normal solar cover.

The 4″ Commercial Tubing is specially designed for our products and is manufactured in Canada. This high quality tubing is anodized and uses a 12 sided design to increase the strength and lateral integrity.

Rocky’s 4″ Commercial Tubing can be custom cut to fit any pool shape and size.

Product Specifications

  • Anodized Finish
  • 12 Sided Design to Increase Lateral Integrity
  • Made in the United States From High Quality Materials
  • Custom Cuts Available
  • 1/8th of an Inch Thick
  • Poured in Place, Extruded Metal (No Weak Welds)
  • Light Weight Yet Extremely Strong
  • Not Effected By Sunlight Or Freezing Cold

Maximum Size of Cover

Rocky’s 4″ Commercial Tubing comes in a wide range of lengths and can be custom cut to accommodate unique pool widths. Rocky’s Commercial Tubing can be used for pools as wide as 33′ and as long as 100′ (contact us with your specific pool dimensions and our friendly staff can help find you the most appropriate reel system).

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  • We bought a Rocky's 12 years ago and it works perfect. We would highly recommend one of these reels.

    Randy T.Utah