Replacement Parts

3 Portable Parts

Finding 3 Portable replacement parts is easy.
For easy reference the list below outlines all the parts that the 3 Portable reel system uses.
To order parts visit our Store Locator or contact Rocky’s  at 1-800-663-8705 and we can help you find a retail location near you.

Part # Description Image
501 12 Self Tap Drill Screws View
505 5/16”X1” SS Bolt/Washer View
511 6 Inch Anchor Bolts View
515 Drop in Anchors View
517 3” Springs and Retainers View
518 6 Inch Anchor Bolt Complete Set View
523 3/8” Acorn Nut View
525 3/8” Nut/Washer View
530 3 Frame View
533 White Knob View
539 4 Inch Hub View
545 Small Handle View
549 Grommet Pack (12) View
553 Grommet Pack (50) View
554  Grommet Pack (100) View
555 Plastic Washer and Bushing Set View
563 3/3A Hardware Bag View
577 Universal Strap Kit View
579 Two 2 Inch Wheels View
583  2 Inch Wheel Bag View
587 22 Foot Vinyl Strapping View
593 18 Inch Velcro View

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Installation and Maintenance

  • Six years after I bought a Rocky’s, I had a small warranty issue with my reel. The friendly staff made the warranty process completely painless and I got my replacement part free of charge.

    Bee L.Florida