Senior System


Senior System

Product Overview

The Senior is the most popular of Rocky’s Eazy Rollers® Commercial Systems, it is designed to handle large covers (up to 100′ long, width dependent). It still comes with Rocky’s high quality 4″ locking castors, so it can be easily moved out of the way while you’re enjoying your pool. The extra strong base gives additional clearance and mass to the unit so it can handle the additional load.  Just reel in the cover with the longer handle, release the anchor bolts and wheel it out of the way. It’s as simple as that. The Senior uses Rocky’s 12-sided, 4″ anodized Commercial Tubing. This adds to the strength and capabilities of this commercial reel system. Note that Commercial Tubing is ordered separately (Commercial Tube sizes range from 16′ to 33′ in length).

Ground clearance to underside of tubing is approximately 14″. Approximate shipping weight is 22 lbs.

Product Specifications

  • Strong Die Cast Aluminum Construction
  • Baked Enamel Finish Enhances Any Pool
  • Easy To Use
  • Locking Castors For Poolside Storage
  • Extra High Clearance For Larger Commercial Pools
  • Can Be Grounded On Saltwater Pools
  • Positive Anchoring System
  • Light Weight Yet Extremely Strong
  • Not Effected By Sunlight Or Freezing Cold
  • Industrial Grade Hardware
  • Uses 4″ Commercial Tubing To Handle Larger Pool Covers
  • Not Plastic

Maximum Size of Cover

Senior with 4″ Commercial Tube
Pool Width 33′
Pool Length 100′ of 12mil thickness cover.

Installation Video

Senior Parts

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Installation and Maintenance

  • I bought a plastic unit and it fell apart in two seasons, so I upgraded to a Rocky’s for a few dollars more and its lasted for eight seasons and still looks great.

    Lawrence C.California