Installation & Maintenance

Round Pools

Installing a Rocky’s Reel System is quick and easy. Please see our instructional videos for a step by step installation guide.


Round Pools

Place your reel across the diameter of the pool. This will allow you to roll up the cover without having to run long, varying lengths of strapping from the cover to the tube. Hang your straps straight down from the reel and attach them by folding the cover and putting the grommets through the fold and strap (pictured below). The two sections of cover will roll up at the same time and will float back into place when you put the cover back on your pool.

Over time solar covers develop a memory and the cover will float into place by itself, the first few times you might have to help guide it into place. If your round pool is over 25 feet wide you could add rope pulls onto your cover to help facilitate putting it onto the pool. For help with placing your reel on your pool please contact us and our team can help guide you in the right direction.

  • We bought a Rocky's 12 years ago and it works perfect. We would highly recommend one of these reels.

    Randy T.Utah