Installation & Maintenance

Kidney Shaped In ground Pools

Installing a Rocky’s Reel System on a kidney pool is quick and easy. Please see our instructional videos for a step by step installation guide.
Alternatively feel free to contact our head office at: 1-800-663-8705

Kidney Shaped Pool

Place your reel at the widest point of the kidney pool. This will allow you to roll up the bulk of the cover without having to run long, varying lengths of strapping from the cover to the tube. This also minimizes the need to fold sections of your cover over. Hang your straps straight down from the reel and attach them by folding the cover and putting the grommets through the fold and strap (pictured below). The smaller section of cover will roll up at the same time as the bulk of the cover and float back into place when you put the cover back on your pool. Over time solar covers develop a memory and the cover will float into place by itself, the first few times you might have to help guide it into place. Depending on the shape of your kidney pool you might have to fold one section over before reeling your cover in so it doesn’t catch on the edge of the pool.

  • I’ve been installing pools for over 20 years and the only solar cover reel system I will recommend is a Rocky’s.

    Bill G.New Jersey