Precision-crafted from sturdy die-cast aluminum, Rocky's Reel Systems come in various sizes and styles, all with long-lasting baked enamel finish. Satin Lustre anodized tubing is available for all models.

Our pool systems are not affected by temperature changes or the sun's rays, and Rocky's few moving parts make it easy to maintain. We ensure that your investment will give you years of trouble-free service. That's why all Rocky's Eazy Rollers are covered by a ten-year warranty.

According to the United States Department of Energy, using a blue bubble cover can cut heating bills by 70 percent or more, increase water warmth by 10 degrees or more in season, conserve water and chemicals, and, obviously, keep the pool cleaner.

Outdoor pools lose heat from evaporation, radiation and convection. Evaporation is responsible for 50-70 percent of heat loss. According to one authority, an uncovered pool of 26' by 39' can lose up to 180 gallons of water a week. Covering your pool will eliminate heat loss through evaporation and significantly reduce loss from radiation and convection. Preventing evaporation and chemical loss means savings to you.

Environmentally you will help by using a cover on your pool. Water is a precious natural resource and we must take care to conserve whenever possible.

You will want to place and retrieve the cover with the minimum of effort. That's where a reel system comes in. Rocky's precision-crafted rollers come in various sizes and styles, for mounting poolside, under diving boards and on walls. Easy to install, simple to operate. Rocky's get people into pools faster!

That's a good question. Before you make a decision on which reel system to buy, we suggest that you look at what is available in the market and compare the quality. Most important is the material used to make the reel system. Will it stand up to constant use, and not deteriorate when left out in the elements? This is an important point, as most reel systems spend the majority of the time outside.

We believe that once you have taken the time to check out the competition, you will decide that Rocky's is the reel system for you. It's easy to operate and comes in a variety of models. Rocky's high quality materials, die-cast aluminum, superior enamel finish, Satin Lustre anodized tubing and low maintenance features enhance your investment now and for years to come.

We provide a full ten-year warranty - proof that we are offering you the best product. The warranty means peace of mind for you, and we promise hassle-free service if any problems arise during the warranty period. (Note: See warranty for full details.)

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