High Riser System

High Riser System

Product Overview

The High Riser Residential has the highest deck clearance out of all Rocky’s Residential Reel Systems and is designed to clear obstacles on the pool deck. This unit comes with 4″ locking castors and Rocky’s positive deck anchoring system, so it stays put and is easy to use. The longer handle and higher profile makes this unit excellent for elderly pool owners that don’t want to have to bend over to reel in their solar cover or for larger commercial pool applications.

The High Riser Residential uses Rocky’s standard Residential Tube sets. (AT-1 and AT-2)

Product Specifications

  • Strong Die Cast Aluminum Construction
  • Baked Enamel Finish Enhances Any Pool
  • Easy To Use
  • Quality Castors For Ease of Portability
  • Extra Long Handle
  • Positive Anchoring System
  • Light Weight Yet Extremely Strong
  • Not Effected By Sunlight Or Freezing Cold
  • Industrial Grade Hardware
  • Extra High Clearance
  • Not Plastic

Maximum Size of Cover

High Riser with AT-1 Tube High Riser with AT-2 Tube
Pool Width 20′ 24′
Pool Length 70′ 65′

Additional Information

Installation Instructions

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Warranty Information & Registration

Installation and Maintenance

  • Six years after I bought a Rocky’s, I had a small warranty issue with my reel. The friendly staff made the warranty process completely painless and I got my replacement part free of charge.

    Bee L.Florida