Installation & Maintenance

Commercial or Large Pools

Installing a Rocky’s Reel System is quick and easy. Please see our instructional videos for a step by step installation guide.


Commercial or Large Pools

Some larger pools may require multiple reels in order to cover the pool safely and efficiently. Multiple reels can be laid out so that each one is a manageable size and weight. Benefits of using multiple systems include easier storage as the reels are lighter and shorter they will take up less space on the pool deck than a longer heavier reel.  The smaller size also makes moving them away from the pool easier than a moving a larger reel with a heavier cover.  Multiple lighter reels are more manageable for those that are responsible for operating and moving them; over sized and heavy systems have the potential to injure backs if moved incorrectly. It also takes less effort to roll in a regular sized cover instead of a big one. Using multiple reels also allows you to use regular prefabricated solar covers instead of having them custom made which helps keep your costs down.

pinch cover to attach straps
  • We have been selling Rocky’s Reel Systems for over ten years. The company is very easy to work with and the products speak for themselves. We wouldn’t work with any other manufacturer.

    Jose D.Mexico